Welcome to a unique Video Series inspiring small children to love to read.


What is 'Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales' all about?

 'Quiet Time Tales' is a series of 12 one-hour episodes aimed at inspiring young children to learn to love to read.  

It also teaches them to calm down, relax, and let their imaginations run free as Grandpa reads a variety of classic children's tales -- all while giving parents some 'quiet time' of their own.

Meet your hosts ... Grandpa Read, his dog Champ, and Sparky & Wanda.

Grandpa Read

Grandpa Read is retired and lives in his cabin in beautiful Cozy Cove.

Grandpa Read is a retired gentleman who  spends his days reading to children from his lovely cabin in Cozy Cove.


Champ is Grandpa's trusty companion.  He loves to listen when Grandpa reads a story.

Champ is Grandpa's trusty companion.  He loves listening to Grandpa's stories as he lies beside Grandpa's rocking chair.

Sparky & Wanda


Sparky & Wanda are fun-loving fishies, who sometimes react to Grandpa's stories by swimming around their bowl happily!

'Quiet Time Tales' Promotional Video

Want an idea of what our 12 one-hour episodes of  'Quiet Time Tales' are all about?  Then watch our  PREVIEW VIDEO (to the left) featuring Grandpa Read's wonderful world of reading, relaxing, and MUSIC.  It's all there for you and your child to discover with our 'Quiet Time Tales' digital downloads. 

Our Episodes (CLICK Pics For Story Titles & Song Information)


'Quiet Time Tales' Music CD


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Treat your children to all 13 original songs from the 12 episodes of 'Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales.'   

Featuring songs such as:  "Warm & Nice" "My Doggy Woggy" "Books Have Wings" "Bowl O' Fish" " Clouds Float By" "Where Does The Sun Go?" and many others.

This is a collection of truly warm and happy tunes that you and your child are sure to enjoy.

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