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Ruth Buzzi

"In a busy world, Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales provides the rare opportunity for kids to just sit still, relax and let their imaginations grow with the nourishment of a soothing voice telling an entertaining, educational story. I learned to love books listening to my Dad read to me back in Wequetequock, Connecticut, where I grew up. I highly recommend Grandpa Read and this terrific kids' series, which I've ordered for my little niece."

- Ruth Buzzi, actress, Golden Globe winner and five-time Emmy Award nominee (including her work on 'Sesame Street')

Janiece Jary and daughter Grace

"With all the cartoon junk and in-your-face DVDs out there, we are so grateful that our daughter asks to watch Grandpa Read again and again. It's a reassuring, quiet time for us all."

- Janiece Jary, mother of 4-year-old Grace

Steven Peterman

"While my show, Hannah Montana (shameless plug), seems to be on almost constantly, there are a few half-hours during the day when they put on something else. I can't think of a better way for kids to use their downtime than this delightful collection."

- Steven Peterman, executive producer of "Hannah Montana"

"As a single mom to a 3 ½ year old daughter with a big personality as well as a day care provider for 3 other young children, I recommend Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales. It has given our family some much needed down time. Before bed, I allow my daughter to watch her favorite Quiet Time Tale (The Little Mermaid, Collection 1, Volume 3) and usually before the first story is over, my little one is sleeping peacefully dreaming of being a Mermaid. Parents and kids alike will enjoy spending time with Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales."

- Lorie Douglas, mother and daycare provider

Lynelle Goodreau

“As a family therapist, I know the value of Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales. These stories will increase your child's love for reading and promote a sense of calmness and tranquility within themselves. Something every parent will appreciate."

- Lynelle Goodreau, marriage and family therapist

Tom Dreesen

"I have four grandchildren so I'm more than glad to support this project."

- Tom Dreesen, comedian who has worked with Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and many other entertainers

Joy D'Arcy and family

Thank you for providing a comfortable choice for parents of young ones. Your stories, for a change, honor the family as in "The Little Mermaid" and other stories teaching children that you can have adventures without bad guys holding center stage.

Learning through the classics is a wonderful way to educate and Grandpa Read gives a great start....and pleasant dreams at that!

- Joy D'Arcy, aspiring home-school parent

"As a mother of two girls and a grandmother of four girls, I found myself studying Grandpa. He looks comfortable and very welcoming. In the Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers era, you could leave the TV on and know your children were OK -- no threatening stories or anything to worry about. Grandpa Read brings this quality of trust to me as a parent and grandparent."

- Donna Proctor, mother and grandmother