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Quiet Time Productions

Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales is the first release from Quiet Time Productions, an independent developer of children's entertainment based in Studio City, CA. The company's goal is to provide children with relaxing entertainment and activities to inspire imagination while helping parents, grandparents and caregivers instill children with a love of stories and reading. Quiet Time Productions is committed to giving back to the community through organizations that support reading, animals and a healthy planet.

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Character biographies

Here are the stories of our Quiet Time Tales characters. We like to imagine that their lives have gone something like this ...

Grandpa Read

Grandpa Read was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1945 on the very day that World War II ended. Upon his birth his mother said, "It's as if the heavens delivered him as a shining light for a new, peaceful world." Grandpa grew up on a small farm where he helped his father grow corn.

His father, an avid reader, began to share stories with him when he was very young. It was here, in his father's lap, that Grandpa developed his love for reading and the wonderful worlds that books would offer him. This love of reading has stayed with Grandpa Read his entire life.

Years later, Grandpa attended college in New England and studied medicine. After graduating he became a pediatrician, deciding he wanted to spend his life helping to keep children healthy and happy. Grandpa married his high school sweetheart, Mary, and soon they had three children and raised their family in the small fictional New England town of Cozy Cove.

Grandpa is now retired and lives in the family's home in Cozy Cove where he spends his time tending to his garden, visiting with his children and grandchildren and taking care of his wonderful pets, Champ, Sparky and Wanda. Of course, he reads as often as he can. Which is a lot.

Grandpa supports organizations that promote reading and literacy such as Reading is Fundamental and the National Center for Family Literacy.

Grandpa Read is portrayed by the real-life veteran actor Gary Sturm who has four grandchildren and a very real love of reading.


Champ is an 11-year-old golden retriever and Grandpa Read's best friend. He was adopted by the Read family from the local animal shelter when he was just a pup. Grandpa Read named him Champ, short for champion, because of the dog's competitive attitude when it came to playing catch.

Champ has always been a very helpful dog and we imagine that the character would have spent many happy years as a volunteer dog, assisting those who needed a helping paw.

Champ has slowed down a bit over the years, but he still has a lot of the puppy in him. These days he loves lying next to Grandpa's rocking chair and listening to the wonderful tales that the old man reads.

Champ supports organizations that provide assistance to animals and people such as Canine Companions, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Linda Blair's World Heart dog rescue.

Champ is portrayed by the real-life dog Moseby. His job on Grandpa Read's Quiet Time Tales is his first acting experience.

Sparky and Wanda

Sparky is a spunky goldfish who hails from the seaside hamlet of Cozy Cove. He is a happy fish, who likes to swim in fast circles and romp with his friend, Wanda. Sparky's favorite foods are fish nibbles and, occasionally, a cookie crumb. He is always scooting around the bowl, and never stops to rest for long, as his natural curiosity keeps him moving looking for fun and interesting things to see. His favorite hobby is blowing bubbles.

Wanda is also from Cozy Cove, a bright place where happy fish are hatched. She and Sparky are best friends. When she's not doing fish flips or playing tag, Wanda, like Sparky, likes to look outside of her fish bowl and watch Grandpa Read as he shares stories. She likes drinking lots of water, as everyone should. Her favorite hobby is dancing- she can really shake her tail fins!

Sparky and Wanda are both big fans of the Surfrider Foundation's Project Blue, which works to help keep our oceans clean.

To make things exciting, the real-life fish Sparky portrays Wanda and vice versa.